Physical Therapists Career

How to become a physical therapist

How to become a Physical Therapist

The physical therapists career might very well be one of the most rewarding and demanding careers one could have. And even though the physical therapist is one of the most sought after professionals in America today and therefore they have some of the best salaries too, it still has to be a labor of love first and foremost. And, in fact, it is not about the job requirements that we will talk about in a minute but the fact that diagnostics and treatment performed by the physical therapist is one of the tightest blends of science and art of any job.

That is not to say that there is anything left to chance in the education of physical therapists, in fact if you will check out the page we have dedicated to the physical therapist education you will notice that they go through some of the most rigorous schooling system and in addition to that they need to fulfill a series of pre-requisites that we have described on the how to become a physical therapist page. So in order to understand exactly what that is we need to know “What does a physical therapist do?”

Well a physical therapist job description states that he needs to do medical screening and go through the diagnostic process in order to determine first if physiotherapy can help with the ailments of a person and second what type of exercises are needed. But the truth is that his art goes far deeper because a good physiotherapist will be able to determine the social and psychological bonds that have generated the appearance of a certain condition. In fact physiotherapy is much close to the principles of treating the cause of an ailment rather than its manifestation than even medicine is. So beside the physical exercises that a therapist will prescribe there are many social and behavioral tasks that he may prescribe. That is why even with the number of physical therapists jobs that we have talked about increasing every day there are still many more openings every day for good specialists.

So a physical therapist career can be an ever growing experience and to be sure the income is the one thing that grows from year to year faster than the number of jobs themselves, and if you want to learn more about the subject check out our page on the physical therapist salary. But the problem is that there are some very difficult admission requirements and if you think that you would really enjoy you could look in to becoming a physical therapist assistant.

So what is a physical therapist assistant? They are the people who are actually implementing the therapist’s orders. Many times the physical therapist will demonstrate to the patient how the exercises should be done and even helm them in performing them. But the fact is that a therapist’s job is very much improved by the help of a physical therapist assistant, whose job is best described on our physical assistant therapist page. However to give you short summary here the doctor might be the ones suggesting the exercises and even the life style changes but it is the assistant’s energy and dedication that will help that patient get through the daily routine of exercises.

In fact the assistant is the true enabler of the healing process. And the great thing about that is the importance of the role is also expressed in the salary an assistant can make. We have described more about it on the physical therapist assistant salary page but let’s just say now that an assistant can earn in excess of $60k per year.

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